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As well as turning some of the funniest things we see on social media into designs for our #comedymugs, we also have a newsletter that contains all of the content sent to us via our various social media pages (750k followers and counting) which we cannot share on social media!

Social media used to be quite 'edgy', but now, thanks to 'community standards, ' most of the funny stuff that appears on social media gets taken down. But not before we find it and put it in S__ts & Giggles! 

We have nearly 1million combined followers and 50k group members in our portfolio of social media pages, so we get to see most of the 'edgy' stuff before it gets taken down.

And that is what goes into our newsletter!

We do not share the rude or offensive 'stuff' - just the content that gets deleted by algorithms that cannot tell the difference between 'humour' and 'harmful'.

S__ts & Giggles gets sent to our subscribers about once every 3-4 weeks. You can subscribe below using Paypal (the newsletter will get sent to the email address that is associated with your Paypal account).

ANYONE can subscribe! 

It only costs just £1 each month, and you can cancel your subscription to Shits & Giggles at any time!